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The Third Amigo Arrives!

First off let me just say WOW! As a photographer it's such an honor to capture a family throughout several different milestones. 

When Alison and Adam first reached out to me she was pregnant with their third baby! I spoke with Alison about their wishes and BOOM!!! We booked a combo package and set a date for maternity pictures!

O yeah! Did I mention she was due with their third BOY? I think momma is a little outnumbered!  

A beautiful family maternity session

It was a gorgeous summer day in Colorado when we captured their maternity photos! We headed up to Lair o' the Bear Park in the Rocky Mountains and created amazing memories. This park could not have been more perfect for a maternity session. It has easy walking trails for pregnant women & children including a slow flowing stream!

As we wondered through the park I thought to myself I wonder if they would be down to get in the water. I asked Alison and she was like, " o yea, we are down!"

The boys of course couldn't contain their excitement about getting in the water so we ended the session with a water fight!

Fresh 48

Finally the arrival of baby number 3! After a long labor baby boy finally made his entrance into the world! 

I was able to capture his tiny toes and some special moments with mom and dad before his older sibling arrived!

The boys came running into the room with the biggest smiles. They both immediately wanted to hold their new baby brother!


About two weeks later I headed over to Alison and Adams house to capture their everyday life. It was a beautiful snowy day in Denver! They had the fireplace going and scented candels. It had all the wonderful smells of winter on the way!

Let me just say their house was so cute and quaint! 

I love capturing families in the comfort of their home. These are memories they can look back at and cherish forever. They will be able to reflect what life was like back when the boys were too young to remember!

As a bonus both Alison and Adam had their parents over. I was able to capture all the grandparents with all three boys! 

The boys love to color and spend time together! So we made sure we captured some photos that were true to their everyday norm!

Our journey definitely doesn't end here! We have many more sessions ahead!Congratulations Alison and Adam you have a beautiful family! 

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