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A Fairytale Proposal

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

You guys I was so excited when Jarren reached out to me about proposing to his girlfriend Maia. They are the sweetest most down to earth couple you will ever meet! We told Maia that they won a free couples session, which was a perfect way to have her all dressed up! She was so excited she immediately started sending me pictures of dresses she had found! Little did she know she was being set up for a proposal. Whoo whoo!

We started off by capturing some intimate moments of the happy couple. They have the cutest love story ever! At the time they meet Maia worked at a coffee shop when Jarren and one of his buddies walked into the shop. Maia worked up the courage to ask for a phone number! After reaching out boom they were going on a date!

They shared their first date strolling the mall and hanging out. Maia ended up losing her wallet and they went on a wallet hunt the rest of the day, but they eventually found it.

They giggled and laughed throughout the process and before they knew it they realized they had been sitting in the car for 3 hours chit chatting about life!

The Proposal

The nerves were high, but Jarren was as ready as he ever could be. Jarren and I came up with a code sentence I would say midway through the shoot so he knew I was ready to snap away! As soon as I said "you guys are doing great, two thumbs up" he got on his knee.


Maia was completely caught by surprise. The tears in their eyes were simply beautiful. The love these two share can be felt from miles away.

After Jarrens proposal we wondered the beautiful Rocky Mountains for some gorgeous portraits of the newly engaged couple.

I talked them through some poses and dance moves which always gives for some good laughs!

This park offered some amazing scenery. We had the perfect amount of sunlight and the most amazing weather. On the way out we took a picture on this gorgeos bridge! I mean seriously what a perfect place right? Moutains, bridges, and staircases, jackpot!

You can check out the rest of Maia and Jarren's album here!

Thanks for checking out the blog!

With Love,


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