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A Childhood Lovestory

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Meet Mackenzie and Caleb! They are the most adorable couple and I was lucky enough to be their photographer!

Mackenzie and Caleb have known one another since childhood. How cute is that? Mackenzie said she remembered Caleb looking at her during a activity at church and thought who is this weird kid and why is he starring at me!!haha! Fast forward to today and boom they are planning a wedding.

The day of their engagement photos was gorgeous. It had snowed a few days before which made for some beautiful photos. We found a park that provided some amazing scenic views of the Rocky Mountains! There was also a stream and bridge! Colorado definitely doesn't disappoint when it comes to photography locations!

Caleb proposed in the most romantic setting a girl can dream of. He took her on a private sleigh ride! He is known for his surprises and Mackenzie was definitely suprised. She was over the moon.

These two lovebirds enjoy their time being adventurous. From snowmobiling in the Rocky Mountains to surfing on the beach you name it they are down!

They also share a love for their pup! She was actually pregnant during our session! Adorable right?

I am so looking forward to capturing these two again! You can view their gallery here!

With Love,


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