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A Gorgeous Summer Wedding at the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado

Meet Shelby and Brian

Shelby and Brian were such a fun couple to work with. They were energetic and definitely down to take photos! Their wedding took place at the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado on a perfect summer day. We set the first look up on the bridge and it couldn't have been more perfect. Brain's reaction was definitely an unforgettable one.

There are a few different spots to have your ceremony at the Hudson Gardens. Brian and Shelby chose the Monet's Place. This is a gorgeous spot to say your I do's. There is a pretty pond and tall trees that provide a stunning backdrop for pictures.

I love capturing the ring exchange! You can see the pure excitement on their faces. Let's not forget the scenery surrounding them, it is breathtaking and made for the perfect pics.


The Hudson Gardens has so many fun and unique spots to take bridal party photos. These pictures are personally my favorite part of a wedding day. Everyone is excited and celebrating the happy couple. It's always a good time.


I would definitely say to check out the Hudson Gardens if you're considering getting married in the Denver area. The staff was amazing and the scenery was stunning. They also have bridal rooms for the bridal party to change and get ready!


Serendipity Studios Photography

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