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Garden of the Gods Winter Elopement Colorado

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Meet Chelsie and Evan

Garden of the Gods Colorado Elopement

It was a cold winter day at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for Chelsie and Evan's wedding but it didn't stop these love birds from eloping!

Garden of the Gods Colorado Elopement

We started the day off with a first look! The excitement Evan had when he saw his future bride brought tears to everyone's eyes. He was blown away by her beauty!

Garden of the Gods Colorado Elopement

All of their closest family and friends showed up to celebrate this magical day with them.

Garden of the Gods is a perfect place to elope in Colorado. Not only is it gorgeous and scenic, you can also go elope on the grounds at no cost! We all know weddings can get expensive so hey why not, right?

Garden of the Gods Colorado Elopement

The love these two had for one another was contagions! You could feel the love and emotions throughout the entire ceremony. Chelsie and Evan have such an amazing story. They were both facing challenging times in their individual life's and were both in recovery. The two instantly became inseparable when they meet at a bar be que.

Garden of the Gods Colorado Elopement

As Chelsie and Evan continued to work on themselves and build their lives they chose to build one together. Now they are married! They are also helping others who have gone through similar hardships and paying it forward!

They had a gorgeous elopement and have so many fun times to look forward too!

Garden of the Gods Colorado Elopement

If you are looking for a fun place to elope in Colorado head to Garden of the Gods! You won't be disappointed!


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If you need a pastor please check out Domingo Cruz!

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