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One Year Milestone , baby Olivia

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Meet Emily & Tyler!

When Emily reached out to me about doing a milestone package I was jumping for joy! From the very first moment they found out they were pregnant they knew they wanted every emotion captured along the way! This was really special to me as I love following family's through every milestone and capturing all their special moments! From the very beginning Emily and I hit it off. We have so much in common and established an amazing relationship.

The Reveal

Emily and Tyler had an amazing party with all their family and friends present. Their little boy Noah was so excited to be a big brother. They had a beautiful cake, food, games and laughter. Everyone was so anxious to find out what they were having. We headed over to an open field for the big reveal. The color of the smoke indicated the gender, pink being girl and blue being boy.

As soon as they saw the pink smoke they were jumping for joy. Having a little girl to add to the mix was everything they dreamed of.

Maternity session

A few months later it was time for maternity photos. Emily wanted a scenic view so I found a beautiful place in the Rocky Mountains.

This session could not have been more amazing! I mean come on! Mountains and a lake. I remember asking Emily if she would be interested in getting in the water. She was like heck yeah I'm down! You can only imagine the excitement I was feeling.

The water was freezing on our feet but hey we got the shot! Their son was such an amazing little boy he was all about posing for the camera! I can not brag enough about how well behaved he was he will definitely be the best big brother.

We were going for a dark and enchanted vibe for this session I think we nailed out it of the park!

Emily looked absolutely gorgeous in her white maternity gown. Every single photo came out amazing i'm just in aww of this session.

I felt so honored to have the opportunity to capture this amazing family. It was the most perfect day!


The arrival of baby Olivia had finally come. All I can say is "WOW" what an incredible experience. This is such an important milestone for couples and the fact that I was able to capture it through my lens was an experience I will never forget.

Tyler was an amazing birthing partner. He was so patient and loving towards Emily thought the entire process.

After Tyler cut the umbilical cord I was able to capture a few of baby Olivia! She was the prettiest baby.

Fresh 48

The next morning I went back to the hospital to capture baby Olivia. In the first 48 hours babies look so different so it's important to capture them early on.

Baby Olivia was absolutely precious. Momma was feeling great after having a long labor. Dad was just in love with his baby girl!

This whole experience was just absolutely amazing. We have plenty more sessions to come in our journey together.

Stay tuned for family photos and one year cake smash!

With love


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