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The First 5 Steps to Start your Photography Business

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Buy Your Camera

Ok, so I know this is pretty obvious, but it's the most crucial part of becoming a successful photographer. Use your new camera to photograph family & friends and become familiar with your new gadget. The more you practice the faster you become at adjusting your settings in a fast paced environment. This will allow you to be comfortable during your first paid session and have your very first happy customer!

Create a Unique Name

Creating the name of your new business is extremely important. This is who you will be known as so make sure its something that is creative and unique to you! For example, my business Serendipity Studios, took me weeks to come up with. The word Serendipity struck me instantly meaning coming across something accidently that brings value to you. I immeditaly thought that I wanted everyone to find vaule in what I capture for them.

Purchase your LLC

Now that you have your name it's time to take it off the market. Purchase your new name through your Secretary of State website, fingers crossed it's not already in use! Now that you own the rights to your name you are well on your way to creating the business of your dreams!

Open your Business Bank Account

Opening your business account for the first time feels amazing! The second they gave me my new debit card with my business name on it I felt like it was me against the world! This is an important aspect to starting your new business as you want to ensure you are properly managing money for tax season.

Research Hosting Websites

This is an important step because this is where all your customers will go to look at your work and book a session! You want to ensure that its user friendly and cost effective. Once you create your site and start adding content there's no going back it takes a lot of man hours to put a website together! So make sure you choose wisely! After all my research I decided to go with Wix, I was able to show off my stunning galleries, blog and provide my customers with an easy booking platform.


I hope you found this helpful! Stay tuned for the next 5 steps!

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