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What Lens do I use at a Wedding?

Capturing a wedding can be overwhelming and confusing at times. Especially if it's your first one! I'm going to share with you what a typical wedding day looks like for me and what equipment I use.

For starters I always shoot on two cameras throughout a wedding day. This gives me a variety of photos to work with for my client's gallery. I bought a double camera strap from Et

Starting the day- Getting ready photos

I always start a wedding day with my bride! Capturing all the little moments of her getting ready, starting with her makeup, hair, and drinking mimosas with her girlfriend's!

During this time we are normally in a tight space, so I have my 24-70mm 2.8 Canon lens and my 35mm 1.8 Canon lenses. As my bride is getting her make up done, I use my 24-70 zoom lens to capture photos around the makeup artist without getting too close! Simultaneously I have all the flat lay items laid out somewhere with natural light, preferably by a window! This normally includes a variety of items such as the rings, invitations, bouquet, shoes, shoes and any special items. If I'm shooting from up above I use my 24-70 lens. For ring shots I always use my 100mm macro lens! As my bride is getting ready and her girls and doing each other's hair I walk around the room and take candid's then go back to capturing more detail photos. About 20 minutes before my bride is ready to put on her dress, I find a beautiful spot to hang it for photos. This can be a doorway, a mirror, window or anywhere that has good light with a pretty background! Then finally!! It's time to put on the dress. I start snapping photos as soon as her mom or maid of honor start to button her up. This part can be very emotional for brides, and I always use my 24-70mm lens for this, so I have the option to zoom in closer.

As far as my groom goes, I typically have a second Shooter in his room capturing all his details. Such as cufflinks, tie, boutonniere, shoes and tux. The guys don't take near as long! Haha. If I don't have a second, then I will run to the groom's room for about 15 minutes while my bride is getting her hair done. I use my 24-70mm lens for this, with the exception of the ring! I use my macro.

The Ceremony

During the ceremony I have my 24-70mm 2.8 canon lens on one camera body any my 135mm 2.0 canon lens on the other. I do this so I have a wide range to work with. The 24-70 will allow me to capture some wide angels of the ceremony and guest. My 135mm is perfect to stand in the isle and capture the ring exchange and kiss! This lens is my absolute favorite lens to capture photos with. The bokeh is AMAZING! If the ceremony area is too small, then I will use my 85 mm 1.8 lens.

Bridal party and family photos

During this time, I either use my 35mm lens or my 24-70 mm lens. I kinda go back and fourth between the two! Prime lenses have more bokeh in the background which I'm a fan of!

Golden Hour

This is my favorite part of a wedding day. It's just me and my couple. We create some magical photos during this time. I always shoot with a prime lens during this time, because again I love Bokeh! I also have my 24-70mm for some wide angels! Especially being in Colorado I can capture some amazing views of the mountains.


During the reception I finally go down to one camera! What a relief after having all that weight all day. I use my 24-70 mm lens and capture the dancing, cake cutting and all the activities. I also use my Godox flash system which I will talk about in another post!

Grand exit

Normally it's very dark during the grand exit. Sparklers are pretty common during the grand exit which is why I like my 35mm 2.0 lens. Prime lenses do much better in low light scenarios.

This pretty much sums up how I structure my wedding day as a photographer. I hope this helps you on your photography journey!

With Love


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