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What is a Cake Smash?

What is a Cake Smash Session?

A cake Smash session is pretty much in the name! It's a cake being smashed by your one year old! Turning one is a big milestone for your little one so why not celebrate it by smashing a cake!

A cake smash session is a fun experience for everyone and a creative way to capture his/her big day! I personally love capturing cake smash sessions. I mean what's not to love right? A cute little baby all messy enjoying an entire cake! So cute! All about the session

So now you're probably thinking how does a cake smash session with Serendipity Studios work?

When you book your session we will discuss themes, color and styling. Do you want to do a vintage theme, sail boats, glamping, a favorite character, etc.?

When you come into the studio, I will have it all set up according to the colors and theme you choose. We will have fun toddler music on to ensure the environment is fun and not so intimating! We will begin the session with portraits that way you have pictures of your little one before they get messy. For this portion dress your baby in an outfit that coordinates with the theme you choose.

After the portraits it's SMASH time! Whoo whoo! I will have cake smash outfits in the studio. You are also more than welcome to bring one if you have found the perfect outfit. During the cake smash portion of the session I will be snapping images continuously. I will probably be acting really goofy and making weird noises to make your baby laugh! Haha! So don't mind me! I will also have Mom and Dad very engaged in the session. Sometimes we need momma/daddy to give baby a taste of the frosting so baby knows what is going on!

After the Mess

Now that your baby has smashed their cake it's time to get clean! We will end the session in the tub for a few photos! This is a fun way for baby to get clean and capture some more smiles.

If you have a baby about to turn one definitely book your session. This is not a session you want to skip out on! These are everlasting memories you will later look back on one day and cherish forever!

You can check out more Cake Smash Photos here and download the cake smash Guide. You can also pay monthly for you cake smash session.

With Love


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