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5 Items you need for your Photography Studio

When you first start your photography business it can be so confusing on what to purchase for your studio. I put together a small list of the things I started with and still use to this day. I hope this helps you create a dream studio!

This was one of the very first items I purchased for my studio space. They are so easy to assemble and allow you to hang up your backdrops and create beautiful sets. I went with the 10ft Neewer backdrop stand, this will allow you to hang any size backdrop. It comes with a convenient carrying case when you're on the go. Maybe you're setting up at a client's house or going to an event this will get the job done. I have personally used this backdrop stand for several vendor events and it was made my life so easy. You can grab one of these backdrop stands for around $50 on amazon by clicking this link!

I LOVE these savage backdrops. They are 86 inches wide and 36 feet long. I use these all the time for cake smashes and family sessions. If the bottom gets dirty you can also cut some of it off and still have a ton left. They go a long way! It's a good idea to start with one of these neutral colors and start practicing and creating magic. You can get a discount by clicking here!

If you are shooting in a dark space, I would definitely recommend investing in some good lights. I use these Neewer lights in my studio and I love them. They brighten up my space and project nice even light where I need it. I also love these because you can take them on the go and do not need to plug them in! On the back you can place two Neewer battery packs ( pictured above) and they last for hours. I take these lights with me to weddings, and they are amazing. I don't need to worry about if there is an outlet to plug them into, I can just pop the battery pack right in!

You can get the lights here.

You can get the battery packs here.

I can't even express to you how many times I have needed one of these! They come in hand for hanging up backdrops, garland, props, and holding anything in place. They are so much more than just a backdrop clip! Just order them, you will need them! Order here!

Reflectors are a great addition to your new studio! They help with spreading even light amongst your subject. You can grab them for under $40 right here!

Thank you so much for reading! You can find more tips on starting your photography business on the blog! Have fun creating your dream studio space!

With Love,


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