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Building my Studio

I remember at one point having a studio was merely a dream. I used to stay up all night looking at Pinterest for studio ideas. When I first started my photography journey I initially used our spare bedroom. It worked great my first year in business but I quickly outgrew the space!

In the beginning I had one backdrop system that I purchased from Amazon. It was the perfect little setup for my backdrops. I had begun to collect baby wraps, headbands, stools, outfits and backdrops. I had also starting crafting my own props.

As my business continued to grow we decided we were going to renovate the garage into my new studio!


The garage needed some major work. It was actually used for lawn items and outdoor toys. I knew the process was going to require long work days, butI couldn't contain my excitement.

My boys were just as eager to get in there and help. They helped with everything from emptying out the garage to painting!

I also had my husband, parents and brother in law helping. Everyone's ideas came together just in time for Christmas Minis! Although there was still a ton I wanted to do at that point it was functional and ready to be used.

First sessions in the studio!

I was so stoked about my new studio. I created three beautiful sets for Christmas Minis! Including a baking set, formal set featuring a fireplace, and a bed to read The Night before Christmas!

My husband went out and got jammies for the family. We even had both gramas join in on the fun! I put my camera on the tripod and was able to capture some amazing memories!

I began to promote my Christmas Minis which ended up being a huge success! I even dressed up as an elf! Haha!

These are some of the photos of my amazing families! I had Christmas music, hot cocoa and goodie bags for all the kids!

I slowly began to add storage and additional props to the studio. Including shelving from Ikea and a changing table for all my babies!

Before I knew it I was on to creating my valentine sets!

I have had so many amazing sessions in my studio the past few months from cake smashes to holiday photos they have all been so fun!

As of now I'm working on building a wood wall! One side will be dark brown, the other side will be white!

Stay tuned for more photos and my new wall!

With love


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