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Engagement Photos Ice Castles Dillion, Colorado

Meet Maia & Jarren

Dillion Ice Castles Engagement Photography Colorado

Maia & Jarren are an adventurous couple and always down for a fun photoshoot. I was actually lucky enough to capture their proposal in Pine, Colorado! You can read all about it here! For their engagement session we decided to go to the Dillion Ice Castles in Colorado and it was breathtaking.

Dillion Ice Castles Engagement Photography Colorado

Maia and Jarren choose to wear dark and bold colors for their session. The color choice couldn't have been more perfect. Maia looked like a princess and got complements throughout the entire castle.

Dillion Ice Castles Engagement Photography Colorado

These two lovebirds were silly throughout their session which made these photos magical. They were down to pose, dance, kiss and dip! Every photographers dream!

Dillion Ice Castles Engagement Photography Colorado

Everything about this session was a fairytale. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Dillion Ice castles Engagement Photography
Dillion Ice Castles Colorado

Here are a few tips if you are considering taking your engagement photos at the Dillion Ice Castles.

1) It is cold so be prepared with gloves, jackets and hand warmers.

2) No matter what wear snow boots. The snow was very thick and hard to hike through.

3) Purchase your ticket immediately they run out fast.

4) Be sure to check when golden hour is. You want to ensure you have the perfect light. We went at 3pm. in February.

5) You do not need a photography permit.

6) Capture photos outside the tunnels. If you go in the tunnels your subjects will appear very blue!

7) Be cautious of people and kids around you enjoying their family time.

8) Wear bold colors. You want your couple to stand out!

9) Have fun and snap away!


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